Help & Information


Please remember that our station is still in beta testing. This means that things may break occasionally. Please don't get angry. Most issues that crop up we are already aware of and are constantly working hard to fix them all, although this will often take time. We also have a long list of feature requests we are aiming to implement at some point, such as an Android app. However, we cannot give any indications at the present time as to how long any given feature is likely to take.

 Problems using the web player

 Playback is not supported in this browser

Our web player supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome for Android 34+
  • Chrome for Desktop 34+
  • Firefox for Android 41+
  • Firefox for Desktop 42+
  • IE11+ for Windows 8.1+
  • Edge for Windows 10+
  • Opera for Desktop
  • Vivaldi for Desktop
  • Safari for Mac 8+ (beta)
  • Safari for iOS - supported using built-in playback

 Please enable javascript in your browser to listen to In Demand Radio

Javascript is required for our web player to work. It is usually enabled in most browsers, but may be blocked by aggressive security settings or popup/ad blockers.

 Player is stuck displaying "LOADING"

This could be a number of problems. It usually means that your player cannot reach our servers. This may be due to an issue with your network, or it could be a problem our end. Try refreshing the web player page a few times.